[unfinished] Epoché of Love

2 min readJun 17, 2022


Context: Husserl’s Phenomenology (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePQIagmcCXc)

[Framing Definition] What is Love? I believe that I have an experience of Love, but I cannot articulate its definition in words. I cannot draw sharp distinctions in reality which can differentiate “Love” from “Non-Love,” and I can hardly give you a guide to determine whether you are Love-ing or Being Love-d. Though, perhaps I can paint pictures of false love, to prevent you from confusing it with Real Love. But Real Love — you only know it when you feel it. Though, it may be hard to feel. Sometimes it seems that it is distant from me, that I cannot feel it. But, my imagination has a thread tied to it, and my memory, too.

[Eidetic Reduction] Does love exist without humans? Does the butterfly love the flower? Or does a meadow love a spring shower? Does the rock love mother mountain against whose side it lies? Does the spring love the valley that protects her? Are there faeries or daimons — and do they love? Are there Titans or Gods — and do they love? Does the cosmos love the earth? Does our galaxy love to list to its solar system symphonies?

[Eidetic Reduction] Does love exist without being? Can an idea love? Can a figment of your imagining love you for thinking it? Isn’t the vibration of air loving my ear drums? Isn’t “love,” itself a concept, an expression of Love? Do these things be?

(A recurring theme of my phenomenology is that there cannot be phenomena which exist in dependence on “Humans” or “Being.” Examining the relationship between a concept and “Humans” and the relationship between a concept and “Being” gives us many beautiful insights into the nature of whatever phenomenon underlies the concept)

How many things is love? Am I referring to a single phenomenon, or am I conflating many? Is their conflation what “Love” is? Or must things be singular to be phenomena? Can phenomena be counted? Is there a unit?

Thinking of Love — To write this, I hold “Love” in my mind, and this act causes all of my internal threads of psyche to write upon the whiteboards of my mind — imaginings of scenes of love, words of love, emotions nearby, etc. etc. I feel a calling to my spirit, when I focus on Love — I feel a depth of emotion.